• Rules & Regulation

Rules & Regulation

SOSEBT Gives Study Centre or AI Centre only for Secondary & Sr. Secondary level School .We don’t offer or give any permition to AI Centre any agency or cyber caffe,coaching centre etc.

Exam system & Evaluation System conduct Stricly or follow all legal procydure .dont take any elegal step group or mass copy.Also we instruct to School Superintendent or AI Centre Co-ordinator u take Any step any action for exam purpose we give u freedom to conduct exam

Student take admission in our school & Payment all fees,those fee are non refundable at any Source.

Those student are any miss behave to our staff & administrative than we take legal action against the student.

We advise to all student don’t do any misbehave or don’t do any illegal work.also we advise to those student take admission our school u must give your declaration .its mandatory.

Exam time will be 12.00 PM to 3.00 PM Every Session for exam date.We Ask all student to inform that u must report to your exam centre 11.00 AM for .every exam date.

Exam Petern Will be setup as per NCERT syllabus & CBSE petern

Secondary/Sr.Secondary Paper Marks distribution 20 Marks for Practical 20 Marks for Assingment 60 & 80 Marks for Theory.Now those Subject have Practical then its Subject theory Marks are only 60

Pass Marks For Secondary level overall 33 % Practical+theory+Assignment.But Sr.Secondary Pass Marks is Student Ask to get secure 33% marks Separetly Practical,Assignment & Theory.

Paper Evaluation conduct by our Board/Evaluation Depertment as per our own dicission.

Marks distribution 1x20=20,2x10=20,3x10=30,5x2=10=80(Without Practical)

Marks distribution 1x20=20,2x5=10,3x5=15,5x3=15=60(With Practical)

Practical pass mark -7,Assignment pass marks also-7

Medium Instruction-English & Bengali Medium.

Exam is conduct only normal Procedure there are no Omr Sheet base Exam System.

There no any Ondemand Exam Conduct By SOSEBT

All Student ask to collect there Admit card Through Online

After those Students are Pass There Exam we ast Student Collect there Original Markseet,Migration & Certificate from Your AI/Study Centre.